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You can ensure that your aircraft or helicopter is operated more effectively utilizing Mira Aviation’s Aircraft Management and Cost Control Services. You will receive insightful guidance from qualified aviation experts regarding capital management and business aviation strategies.

Management and Supervision of Procedures

Thanks to its Professional staff EASA and FAA-licensed flight attendants, Mira Aviation offers a reliable, transparent, and flexible service by providing 24/7 travel alternatives throughout the globe. As your exclusive point of contact in Mira Aviation, your aircraft management consultant will offer you unbiased, data oriented advice on all of your business-related research, planning, and reporting procedures.

Monitoring Technical Procedures

Mira Aviation ensures that you receive certified expertise in cost reduction and the preservation of your aircraft value, thanks to its team composed of aerospace engineers, EASA Licensed Technicians, and professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the field. The whole process including researching the suitability of airworthiness regulations, negotiating the Airframe and Engine Program, management, aircraft maintenance as well as provision of spare parts will be traced with dedication and rigour thanks to your Aircraft Management Consultant and Technical Manager.

Financial Management

Through its expanded database, Mira Aviation offers aircraft owners competent, thorough, and cost-free capital management guidance. Weekly reports include a detailed overview of the entire procedure, from expense planning to the issuing and distribution of invoices.

Aircraft and Private Jet Charters

Since its foundation in 2015, Mira Aviation has sold more than 70 aircraft and has flown more than 9,000 hours of private flights, making it one of the top broker companies in the sector.

No matter where you are in the world, Mira, a experienced service provider in private aircraft charter, group charter, aircraft purchase, and sales management, can be relied upon thanks to its extensive business network and industry partners.