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Exclusive to Aircraft Buyers

Our attention to detail is the key to our success.
Aircraft Type Selection
Determination of the most suitable aircraft with more than 20 years of industry experience of Mira Aviation Sales team.
  • Determination of the Aircraft Type that meets the requirement of the Buyer.
  • Technical and Performance Comparison Report for the favorite types.
  • Searching market/off-market options.
  • Direct contact with the aircraft owners in order to purchase the aircraft below the market value.
Aircraft Appraisal
Aircraft Valuation, Feasibility and Budget Reports for all aircraft in the world with access to the industry's most comprehensive databases.
  • Access to all Aircraft in the World by industry-approved reliable databases.
  • Determination of Fair Market Value of the Aircraft.
  • Detailed Reports for Purchase and Financial Leasing options.
  • Cash Flow Reports including Maintenance and Operation Costs and estimated Private Jet Charter income.
During the Purchase
Purchasing through Pre-Purchase Inspection and Technical Compliance, Aircraft Sales Agreement, Aircraft Leasing, Escrow, Civil Aviation Registration, Customs, Shipping and Delivery.
  • Letter of Intent, Pre-Purchase Inspection.
  • Aircraft Purchase Agreement Closing and Escrow.
  • Civil Aviation Registration and Customs.
  • Shipping and Ferry Flight.
Aviation Consultancy
After Sales Consultancy on Aviation Management, Operation, Private Jet Charter, Aircraft Maintenance and Aircraft Spare Parts.

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