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Security Measures

Updated Date: February 18, 2022

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Security Measures

Information: These Security Measures are an addendum to the Terms and Conditions of Use (in Turkish) and are also available in English, as they are prepared for our internationally open services and products. The agreements and rules that our customers in Turkey are obliged to comply with and are deemed to have accepted when using our services are specified in the Terms and Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Distance Sales Agreement.

Security Overview

Mira Aviation has a dedicated security team that guides the implementation of controls, processes, and procedures that manage the security of its customers. Mira Aviation security team is responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining an information security program that reflects the following principles:

– Align security activities with Mira Aviation’s strategies and support Mira Aviation’s objectives.
– Leverage security to facilitate the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and assets.
– Use Mira Aviation’s security resources efficiently and effectively.
– Leverage monitoring and metrics to facilitate adequate performance of security-related activities.
– Manage security using a risk-based approach.
– Implement measures designed to manage risks and potential impacts at an acceptable level.
– Leverage industry security frameworks when relevant and applicable.
– Leverage compliance/assurance processes as needed.
– Analyze identified or potential threats to Mira Aviation and its customers, provide reasonable remediation recommendations and communicate results accordingly.

Data Center Security, Availability, and Disaster Recovery

– Mira Aviation leverages leading data center providers to host our physical infrastructure.
– Our data center providers use a set of security equipment, techniques, and procedures designed to monitor and record access to facilities.
– We have implemented solutions designed to protect and mitigate DDoS attacks.
– We have dedicated teams located in multiple geographies to support our platform and supporting infrastructure.
– Mira Aviation maintains geographically separate data centers to facilitate infrastructure and service availability and continuity.
– Mira Aviation has an officially documented disaster recovery (failover) plan that is tested at least annually. Test results are documented and maintained.

Application Level Security

– Mira Aviation generates passwords for user accounts and provides SSL for customers.
– Mira Aviation uses a Web Application Firewall (WAF) technology.
– Regular pen tests are conducted on Mira, the Mira Aviation platform, and the results are analyzed and (appropriately) corrected by our engineering and security teams.
– Customers are provided with the ability to customize website permissions.

Incident Response

– The Mira Aviation platform follows a formal incident response process in case of an issue with the security of the Mira Aviation software security team.
– We analyze identified or potential threats to MIRA, Mira Aviation and its customers offer reasonable remediation suggestions and communicate the results accordingly.

Security Risk Management

Threat intelligence and risk assessment are key components of Mira Aviation’s information security program. Awareness and understanding of potential (and actual) threats guide the selection and implementation of appropriate security controls to mitigate risk. Potential security threats are identified and evaluated for severity and exploitability before classifying them as risks. If mitigation is required, the security team works with relevant stakeholders and system owners to troubleshoot the issue. Improvement efforts are tested to verify that new measures/controls achieve their intended purpose.

If the provisions of the Security Measures are changed, they become effective on the date of publication.

You can send an e-mail to [email protected] e-mail address for all your questions and suggestions about Security Measures. You can reach MIRA from the contact information below.

Company: Mira Havacılık Müşavirlik İnşaat Taahhüt ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi
Address: Eskişehir Yolu No:266 Tepe Prime İş Merkezi B-46 PK.06530 Çankaya, Ankara TURKİYE
Email: [email protected]
Phone 1: +90 (312) 911 1 538
Phone 2: +90 (546) 911 1 538
Fax: +90 312 911 2 359

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