Bombardier Learjet 60 2000

Based on the large-cabin 55 series, the Learjet 60XR increased in size and performance value. It is the first of the line to use PW305 turbofan engines instead of General Electric engine models. The Pratt & Whitney of Canada PWC305A has 4,600 lbs of thrust each. They have an inspection interval of 6,000 hours.Bombardier designed the Learjet with performance in mind. Its wings feature the drag-reducing winglets that were prevalent on the older “Longhorn” Learjets. A 43-inch fuselage stretch increases cabin volume by 11% from the 55 series. The 60XR features a digital steer-by-wire nosewheel and an electrically-heated windshield, all of which are recognizable design improvements over previous Learjets.


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