2009 Bombardier Global Express XRS

The Global XRS is the third of four business jet models developed by Bombardier to enter the emerging ultra-long range wide-body cabin market. Global XRS occupied the top end of the Bombardier product line. Introduced in 2003, the Express XRS is a direct evolution of the Global Express aircraft.</p><p>The Bombardier Global Express XRS offers faster cruising speeds, a longer range, and an improved cabin layout and lighting than its predecessor.

Bombardier Global Express XRS 2009


2009 Global Express-XRS cabin

Cabin layout images are not intended to provide technical information.
For additional images or technical details of our Bombardier Global Express XRS 2009 aircraft, contact us on the Mira Customer Support pages.

Bombardier Global Express XRS 2009

Range Map

Performance on Bombardier Global Express XRS 2009 is based on the following assumptions: takeoff temperature, passengers, crew, cruise speed, airways allowance, annual winds, fuel reserve, and similar flight conditions. Please get in touch with us for details.

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